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Clear Plastic Greenhouse Grow Film (4-Year, 6 Mil) Jiggly Greenhouse® Apex

Clear Plastic Greenhouse Grow Film (4-Year, 6 Mil) Jiggly Greenhouse® Apex

The Jiggly Greenhouse® Apex Clear Plastic Greenhouse Grow Film will provide the necessary all-weather protection that any greenhouse or hoop house needs. It is one of the most commonly used greenhouse coverings because of its affordability, and DIY-friendly installation. This 4-Year, 6 Mil rated greenhouse film will provide protection from the elements with its incredible features including UVA Inhibitors and Anti-Drip Barriers made to enhance the growth of any crop. Available in a wide variety of lengths and widths.

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Jiggly Greenhouse® Apex Clear Plastic Greenhouse Grow Film (4-Year, 6 Mil)

If you are in the market of building your own greenhouse or simply replacing the existing film on yours, Jiggly Greenhouse® has you covered! Apex Poly Grow Film is our most popular because it's specifically developed to meet the needs of North American growers. It can be used for a wide variety of different applications and will consistently yield high-quality crops and other produce, year after year.

With a 4-Year UV-Stabilized warranty, and 6 Mil thick composition, Apex film ensures maximum PAR with a total light transmission rate of 90% and a 23% light diffusion rate. By combining these two factors and the added Anti-Drip formulation, the Apex Greenhouse Poly Grow Film will vastly enhance the growth and development of any crop.

Jiggly Greenhouse® grow films are made of high-quality polyethylene and manufactured by using an unrivaled 5-layer protection co-extrusion method that allows us to specially engineer our products to provide a perfect mix of UVA Inhibitors and Anti-Drip Barriers. These deeply embedded supplements allow our greenhouse films to outlast when compared to other products and provide maximum protection against the sun, rain, wind, and snow.

Key Features:

  • Color: Clear
  • Thickness: 6 Mil (0.006")
  • 4-Year UV Rating
  • Light Diffusion: 23%
  • Total Light Transmission: 90%
  • Provides UVA Protection and Anti-Drip
  • Protection From Sun, Rain, Wind and Snow
  • 5-Layer Co-Extrusion Technology Guarantees Effectiveness and Durability
  • Designed For Maximum Light Transmission While Maintaining Superior Mechanical Properties

Specification Sheet

Warranty Information

**We Strongly Recommend Using The Following Guidelines For Measuring Greenhouse Film:

  • To Determine Width Needed: Width + Height + 2 ft.
  • To Determine Length Needed: Length + Height + Height + 2 ft.

Custom sizes are available upon request. Check out our different sizing options here.

Additional Information

Greenhouse Fitting Plastic Film
Thickness 6 MIL
Warranty 4-Year
Color Clear
Film Type Apex Poly Grow Film
Total Light Transmission 90%
Light Diffusion 23%
Features Anti-Drip Barrier
Manufacturer Jiggly Greenhouse®

Clear Plastic Greenhouse Grow Film (4-Year, 6 Mil) Jiggly Greenhouse® Apex