Will My Greenhouse Plastic Rip In A Storm?

Greenhouse Plastic On Hoop House

Sometimes, it's sunshine and warm weather; other times, there are heavy clouds, whipping winds, and the downpour of hail or rain. And if you have a greenhouse or hoop house with plastic, you may not like the sound of the latter weather. However, whether the weather is excellent or heading towards gloomy territory, there's always a way to keep your greenhouse safe.

What Will Fast Winds Do To Your Greenhouse?

Wind forces could overturn or collapse a hoop house depending on how strong. On average, most greenhouses have enough equipment inside to equal 6,000 pounds. That means that when creating a hoop house, you'll want the overall foundation to have a withdrawal resistance of about 300 pounds. Your foundation should be sturdy if you live in a zone with lots of tropical rain and thunderstorms.

When Creating A Hoophouse:

  • Make sure there are no loose objects around your yard. Heavy winds can take this object and heave it into the greenhouse if you have a wheelbarrow sitting around.
  • Look at the trees around your greenhouse to ensure that loose limbs are not ready to fall.
  • Sometimes, it helps to plant conifer trees in double rows as far away as 50' upwind from your hoop house as a windbreaker. If this option does not appeal to you, wood or plastic storm fencing can be used to break up the wind.

How Do I Protect A Greenhouse Against Snow?

If you are more worried about snow than wind, other methods exist to combat this icy foe. Remember that there are several types of snow. Some snow is light and quickly melts, while others can be packed and heavy.

To Make Sure Snow Will Not Topple Your Greenhouse:

  • Ensure your foundation can support your hoop house's weight — including any equipment inside.
  • Ensure you build a greenhouse or hoop house with the necessary structural components, such as purlin brackets and tubing made from high-quality materials created from stainless steel.
  • If using a hoop-shaped house, place posts under ridges at every 10 feet where you know heavy snow will accumulate.
  • Make sure the plastic at the top of your hoop house is tight. If needed, you can patch your greenhouse with patching tape.
  • If you have greenhouse fans constantly going off in the designated space, consider buying a power generator to power these devices if a storm occurs and halts power.

While there is no guarantee that your hoop house will not succumb to the weather if you take precautions, it is less likely that you will experience any significant losses.

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