How To Attach Plastic Film To Greenhouse

Greenhouse Plastic Installation

Installing the plastic film is perhaps the most rewarding part of the greenhouse installation process because it is the final step before beginning growth inside the greenhouse. But attaching plastic film must be done with care. Plastic film is very thin and can be torn if caution is not taken when attaching it to the greenhouse.

With consideration for how the greenhouse plastic will be attached, preparations should have been made regarding how much greenhouse plastic film will be required and about the installation process. However, if you have not yet considered these topics, be sure to read How To Install Greenhouse Plastic and How To Measure Your Greenhouse Grow Film

How To Attachment Greenhouse Plastic Film

Attaching the greenhouse plastic film will require three things—the plastic film, spring lock wire, and locking u-channels. The locking u-channels must be attached to the greenhouse frame before pulling the plastic film over the greenhouse. These are attached to the wood or metal frame using self-tapping screws.

If the locking u-channels have been installed to the greenhouse frame using self-tapping screws or pre-drilling, the plastic film can be pulled over the edge, and you can begin attaching the plastic film.

To attach the greenhouse plastic film, carefully place the plastic between the locking u-channel and the spring lock wire and wiggle the wire into the locking u-channel. This will pinch the plastic into the channel, and the excess can be trimmed after all plastic is secured.

For best results, attach the plastic film at all corners and in the middle of each wall. This will limit the wind picking up the plastic during the process. Then, you can go back around and attach all the sides. Be careful not to pull the plastic too taught during the attachment process, as it may tear.

Materials To Attach Plastic Film To Greenhouse

Installation of greenhouse plastic film is the last step when building a greenhouse. Figuring out the dimensions or what material you might need may be overwhelming. If you need more information, please get in touch with our sales representative. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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