Benefits Of Anti-Condensate Greenhouse Plastic Film

What Does Anti-Condensate Greenhouse Plastic Film Mean and Why Should You Care?

Learn About Jiggly Greenhouse Apex® Clear Plastic Greenhouse Grow Film and How Embedded Anti-Condensation Barriers Can Greatly Improve Plant Health and Crop Yield!

Before we get into the weeds, we want to cover the basics about what condensation truly is and how it forms. Condensation is the process by which water vapor in the air changes the state from gas to liquid. In terms of greenhouse films, it happens when water in the atmosphere encounters the cold surface of the film.

When there is condensation, there will be drippage to your plants, which will make the plant surface wet. This will result in spreading pathogens from plant to plant by splashing solid and plant debris. Along with spreading pathogens, the water attached to the film can also reflect light out of the greenhouse or intensify the light to burn your plants. The anti-drip film will prevent this from happening and keep your plants healthy.

How Does Anti-Condensation Greenhouse Plastic Film Work?

You may be wondering how condensation does not get on the film, especially when the temperature drops? Well, in short, it still does. But instead of letting the condensation form into the round droplet, it controls the water away from your plants. Instead of letting it form droplets of water, the anti-condensation greenhouse plastic film makes the water form a continuous thin sheet of water over the entire surface.

Our Apex Clear Plastic Greenhouse Grow Film provides the best protection against all types of weather. This type of film is one of the most commonly used because of its affordability and easy installation process. Apex is 4-year, 6-mil rated, and it includes both UVA Inhibitors and Anti-Drip Barriers, which will result in a healthier plant. We offer Cut-To-Order sizes and are ready to answer any questions. Reach out to our team of experts at (888) 378-1049 or by visiting our Contact Us Page.

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