Spring Lock Wire To Secure Greenhouse Poly Film By Jiggly Greenhouse® (6.5' Long)

Jiggly Greenhouse® PVC Coated Spring Lock Wire With ReadyTite™ Technology For Attachment of Greenhouse Film (6.5 ft.)

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Spring Lock Wire To Secure Greenhouse Poly Film By Jiggly Greenhouse® (6.5' Long)

Jiggly Greenhouse® Jiggly Wire, also commonly known as wiggle wire, is a PVC coated, reusable steel wire designed with ReadyTite™ Technology for simple and seamless installation and attachment of poly film, shade cloth, netting or various other materials to greenhouses or other outdoor enclosures. Ensuring exceptional hold, the Jiggly Wire System simplifies the installation of your greenhouse film and allows for easy removal and reuse when needed. The initial 6.5 ft. length will stretch to 7 ft. upon installation, allowing you to cover more of your greenhouse frame. Designed and manufactured specifically for use and compatibility with The Jiggly Greenhouse® Aluminum Locking U-Channel.

To learn more about how the incredible Jiggly Wire with ReadyTite™ Technology works, check out our Jiggly Wire Information Page!

Product Features:Product Specifications:
Material: PVC Coated Steel Wire Material: 72B Steel
PVC Coated, Reusable Steel Spring Lock Wire For Greenhouse Film Installation Tensile Strength (MPa): >1800
1.25" Wide Wire Thickness Designed For Ensuring Long-Lasting, Exceptional Hold Wire Diameter: 0.0905 in. (2.30 mm)
White Color Allows For Minimal Heat Absorption, Extending Overall Lifetime Of Greenhouse Film Total Diameter: 0.1122 in. (2.85 mm)
PVC Coating Ensures Simple Installation and Enhanced Tear Prevention (With Coated Ends For Maximum Installation Safety) Length: 6.5 ft. (Expands To 7 ft. When Installed)
ReadyTite™ Technology Minimizes Greenhouse Cover Snags And Punctures As It Fits Tight And Snug The First Try Lightweight - Under 1 lb

*U-Channel, Screws and Poly Film Sold Separately.

Compare to Greenhouse Wiggle Wire® - Wiggle Wire® is a registered trademark of Poly-Tex

Greenhouse Fitting Jiggly Wire
Manufacturer Jiggly Greenhouse®
Metal Type Steel