Clear Greenhouse Plastic Versus White Greenhouse Plastic

There are two types of greenhouse plastic films: clear and white. Determining the right greenhouse plastic depends primarily on the plants themselves. Varying by the amount of light transmitted and diffused as well as their features, these films are used for different stages of plant growth.

Clear Greenhouse Plastics

Clear Greenhouse Plastic

Clear greenhouse plastic captures heat from the sun and directs the heat and light to plants. Clear plastic has a light transmission rate of 90% and a light diffusion rate of 23%, making it preferable for promoting sprouting and early growth. The delivery of heat and light to seeds and soil will encourage germination, pulling the sprouting seeds to the surface. However, clear plastic’s direction of heat and light on maturing plants is not desirable because excessive heat may damage the leaves or petals of the plant.

Jiggly Greenhouse’s clear greenhouse plastic growth films are 6-mil polyethylene plastic, available in various dimensions, offer a 4-year warranty, and feature anti-drip barriers and UVA inhibitors.

Zebra Black/White Greenhouse Plastics

White Greenhouse Plastic

White greenhouse plastic scatters light and regulates the temperature inside the greenhouse. White plastic has a light transmission rate of 1% and a light diffusion rate of 0%. This is better for the photosynthesis process because the diffusion of light will prevent overheating, and the scattering of light in all directions will allow plants to grow in all directions. White plastic will also reduce the internal temperature, the growth of fungus and mold, and the propagation of insects.

Jiggly Greenhouse’s Zebra Black/White plastic is used for light deprivation, silage, climate control, ground coverage for weed and moisture control, float bed lining, and UV protection. The black inner layer and white outer layer can be reversed for hotter and colder seasons, with the black inner layer absorbing the UV light and the inner white layer regulating the interior temperature. Jiggly Greenhouse offers its Zebra Black/White plastic films with a thickness of 6 mil, in various dimensions, and a four-year warranty.

Growers tend to use a combination of clear and white greenhouse plastic films depending on the types of plants and their differing growth stages. Some growers may use white plastic on the walls and clear on the roof, while others may only choose clear or white film. The strategy is up to you!

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