Maximizing Greenhouse Ventilation With Powered Fans

Why is ventilation important in a greenhouse?

Ventilation is vital in a thriving greenhouse. It provides fresh air to plants, contributes to temperature and humidity control, increases the likelihood of pollination and helps to prevent pest infestations and disease. Greenhouse temperatures can rise considerably higher in the warmer seasons, stifling plant growth. Allowing airflow created by a ventilation system can help lower temperatures despite hot climates, as well as help maintain an even temperature throughout the structure. This is especially important in year-round growing operations. The breeze that a ventilation system creates passes through the greenhouse, providing pollination opportunities, which are essential to self-pollinating plants. The benefits of installing a proper ventilation system to your greenhouse or hoop house are endless and allow you to be in control of the unpredictable elements. Jiggly Greenhouse® offers a wide range of ventilation options, from simple and economical to large-scale, industrial solutions that fit the needs and meet the demands of everyone from residential greenhouse owners to commercial growers.

Aquafog Turbo XE Series Greenhouse Ventilation System

Aquafog Turbo XE Series Greenhouse Ventilation System

Misting And Fogging Fans

Jiggly Greenhouse® has a bevy of elite, effective and economical fans and components tailored to the needs of your application. With Direct Feed Fog Fans, Hanging Sump Fog Systems, Mobile Fogging Systems, Mounts and Stands, you have great options for circulating air and moisture to ensure that your plants have what they need to grow and thrive. When an application calls for a rotating fan, add an oscillator to allow that fan to rotate a full 360°. Our collection of powerful fans maximize greenhouse efficiency and are easy to install. The helpful table below outlines the benefits of and differences between the models of fans we offer.

Jiggly Greenhouse® Fans

Direct Feed
Hanging Sump
Bench Top
Turbo XE 2000
GT 500
SS 700
Turbo XE 2000
GT 500
SS 700
SS 700
• Pivoting fogging head

• Produces billions of tiny, fog-like particles that evaporate quickly

• Maximizes floor space in a greenhouse

• Units can also be fed using a metering pump or gravity feed system

• Produces fog combined with powerful airflow

• Comes with the flowmeter panel of your choice
• On/Off Power Switch

• Great for use in drought-prone areas

• Quiet nozzle-free automation

• Maximizes floor space in a greenhouse

• Adjustable fog output combined with powerful airflow

• Sump recycles wastewater and conserves water
• Fluid level gauge

• Arrives fully assembled

• Sturdy, compact and powerful

• Garden hose connection

• Wheels allow unit to be moved easily

• In-line strainer with clear cap
• 1/4 turn, flow control ball valve

• Quiet Nozzle-Free Atomization

• Watertight NEMA 4X switch box

• Easy pivoting fogging head

• Recycles wastewater and conserves water

• Stainless steel hanger and housing support

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