How To Install Roll-Up Greenhouse Plastic

Roll-up greenhouse film is quickly becoming popular because it is the least expensive method of greenhouse ventilation. While less expensive, the roll-up method can be frustrating and difficult to install. However, Jiggly Greenhouse offers products that make installation simple and rolling the ventilation film easy to manipulate, meaning after installation, the roll-up method of ventilation is incredibly effortless and unproblematic. The essentials of installing the roll-up method with your greenhouse include the greenhouse film, the roller bar and crank, and the snap clamps.

Installing Roll-Up Greenhouse Plastic

Make sure to have properly measured your plastic to cover the greenhouse. Generally, over-measure to account for mismeasuring and with consideration for length lost when securing the film in the u-channels and on the roller bar.

  • Place the greenhouse plastic over the greenhouse frame, securing it to the u-channels along the hip rails.
  • Install a 3/4” [1” OD] guide rail for the Manual Hand Crank Winch. This will need to reach the height of the hip rail.
  • Attach the crank to its guide rail, then attach the roller bar to the crank.
  • Once rolled into place, you can secure the plastic with the snap-on clamps.

Roll-Up Greenhouse Plastic Installation

How Does Plastic Stay On The Roller Bar When Cranking Up A Greenhouse Sidewall?

The greenhouse plastic will stay in place on the roller bar when cranking up by securing the extra length of plastic using snap-on clamps. Then, once rolled into place, use the more snap-on clamps to keep the plastic rolled into place at the desired height.

Snap-On Clamps

Snap-On Clamps

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