What Do I Need To Make My Greenhouse Sidewalls Roll Up?

Install Roll-Up Sidewall With Ventilation Crank

If you have ever seen a greenhouse with the sides rolled up, you may be asking yourself what the advantages are of using the rolled-up sides and how you can do this with your own hoop house. Well, first of all, roll-up sidewalls provide more uniform temperatures and stop you from paying for exuberant energy costs. But can you install one on your own greenhouse or hoop house? With a few straightforward tools and fittings, it’s a definite possibility.

What Do I Need To Install a Roll-Up Sidewall?

Some things you will need to install a roll-up sidewall are:

  • A ventilation crank
  • Guide rail
  • Mallet
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Drill with ¼” drill bit
  • 4-8 foot ¾” EMT conduit

The most imperative part of this installation is having the correct hand crank. One of the best ones is the Jiggly Greenhouse Sidewall Hand Crank Reeler. This crank is compatible with poly film side hoop houses. Thanks to its plastic resin enclosure, this system is durable and created for professionals and people just starting a garden.

How To Install A Roll-Up Sidewall

To complete the installation process:

  1. On Your hand crack, attach the crank handle to the crank body.
  2. After the crank is assembled, install your guide rail by finding the EMT conduit sidewall.
  3. Measure 1 foot from the end of the greenhouse EMT conduit sidewall and mark this location.
  4. Once marked, use a mallet to pound 4 to 6 feet of EMT conduit between 1 to 2 feet into the ground.
  5. After, use your drill to drill the sidewall EMT conduit closest to your guided EMT conduit.
  6. Attach the EMT conduit to the crank.
  7. Slide your crank to where the EMT sidewall conduit crosses the guide EMT conduit.
  8. Turn the crank, and now your greenhouse sidewall lifts up!

Some More Benefits of A Roll-Up Sidewall

If you are not convinced that a roll-up sidewall is for you, there are many more benefits.

These include:

  • Controlling greenhouse humidity
  • Stopping pests and other animals from destroying your plants
  • Offering cooler temperatures in high-heat temperatures, so your plants won’t suffer
  • Ventilate economically and without use of electricity or other pricey methods
  • Allows natural air to enter hoop house
  • Increases pollination by letting a breeze run through greenhouse
  • Natural circulation without any complicated fittings

Interested in learning more about all the parts needed to create a roll-up sidewall? View everything from ventilation pipe, manual hand cranks, and EMT conduit below:

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