Greenhouse Covering Attachments

Whether you are looking for a simple DIY greenhouse installation, or a complete commercialized growing operation, Jiggly Greenhouse® offers an all-inclusive kit ideal to combine Jiggly Greenhouse® Wire and Jiggly Greenhouse® Wire Aluminum U-Channel for exceptional hold and durability. The Jiggly Greenhouse® Wire Kit is designed for holding films, shade cloths or various other materials to your greenhouse or outdoor enclosures which are quick and easy to install for optimal stability. Available to purchase individually, Jiggly Wire is a PVC coated, steel wire designed for seamless installation and boasts re-usability with its easy removal and enhanced tear prevention with coated ends for installation safety. The 6.5 ft. initial length will stretch to 7 ft. upon installation, enabling you to cover more of your greenhouse frame. The durable Jiggly Greenhouse® Aluminum Locking U-Channel, manufactured specifically for use and compatibility with Jiggly Wire, is mountable to both wood and steel structures and is rust resistant. It has a channel depth capable of holding two Jiggly Wires which allows for multi-layered coverage for various applications at an unbeatable cost.