Jiggly Greenhouse® 13' Wide x 9' High DIY Greenhouse Kit - The Foundation

The 13' W x 9' H Jiggly Greenhouse® DIY Foundation Kitis a deluxe kit that takes backyard greenhouses to the next level. It is a cost-effective, easy to install greenhouse designed specifically to withstand multiple seasons and provide the ultimate protection. We use top-of-the-line materials ranging from our rust-resistant galvanized steel hardware to our premium film covers that come with a four-year guarantee, Jiggly Greenhouse® is determined to provide you with the best products on the market at the lowest price. This greenhouse kit is ideal for a green thumb who wants to be two steps ahead of the elements. This greenhouse measures 13' Wide x 9' High with ranging lengths from 20ft to 192ft, this kit can be ordered to the length of your choice to suit your needs. Lumber is not included in this kit.

Part Number: ALT-03

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$1,364.48 each
$1,364.48 each

Price From: $1,364.48


Jiggly Greenhouse® 13' Wide x 9' High DIY Greenhouse Kit - The Foundation

If you are searching for an inexpensive, easy to maintain, high-quality greenhouse kit for your backyard or commercial greenhouse, or hoop house, look no further. The Foundation Jiggly Greenhouse® is the perfect kit with special features to provide year-round growth and protection for your plants. Jiggly Greenhouse® knows that one of the most important steps of building a sturdy outdoor structure that will endure even the harshest of elements in selecting the right, high-quality materials from a reliable source. With the Foundation Jiggly Greenhouse® Kit, you get exactly that without the stress of researching and ordering each, individual part.

Our kit includes all the hoop frames, ground sleeves, brackets, bolts, wood to steel adapters, screws, poly plugs, and film you will need to build a Low Arch Tunnel Greenhouse. The Foundation Jiggly Greenhouse® Kit comes with our high-quality, premium grow film that includes UVA Inhibitors, Infrared Blockers, Anti-Drip Agents and Anti-Dust Protection. The premium grows film allows for a longer-lasting greenhouse in harsher environments and is an excellent option for those looking for maximum protection. For worry-free security, attach the premium film cover with the provided Jiggly Greenhouse® Aluminum Locking U-Channel and Jiggly Greenhouse® Wire for the base rails and the mid-rail. We have also included a Complete Sidewall Ventilation Kit comprised of one Jiggly Greenhouse® Sidewall Manual Hand Crank Winch, crank pipe for length, couplers and film clamps to roll up a side of the greenhouse for ventilation. This incredible feature will allow you to better control the temperature and humidity of your greenhouse or hoop house, increase the likelihood of pollination, and help to prevent pest infestations and disease. Lumber is not included in this kit. With a trip to a local lumber store, a weekend, and this kit you will have a marvelous 13' W x 9' H greenhouse to extend the season or possibly grow all year round.

The Foundation Kit Includes:

**Quantities shown are based on standard 20ft length. Lumber sold separately.

Jiggly Greenhouse® is an NRCS-approved vendor meaning that under the High Tunnel System Initiative, our customers may qualify for federal grant money to pay for their own hoophouse.

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  • Top of The Line Jiggly Greenhouse® Premium Grow Film Provides All-Weather Protection and Durability With UVA Inhibitors, Anti-Dust Barriers, Anti-Drip Barriers, and a 4 Year Warranty
  • Re-Usable Jiggly Wire Is Easy To Install, Remove, and Provides Tear Protection
  • Jiggly Greenhouse® Aluminum Locking U-Channel Guarantees Stability When Attaching The Greenhouse Cover, Can Hold Up To 20 Mil Thick, and Is Mountable To Both Wood and Steel Structures
  • Sidewall Ventilation Kit Allows You To Better Control The Temperature And Humidity Of Your Greenhouse, Increase The Likelihood Of Pollination, and Help To Prevent Pest Infestations And Disease
  • Wood To Steel Post Adapters Add Structural Support From The Metal Posts and Allow For Simple Adjustments To The Frame When Needed
  • Rust-Resistant Galvanized Steel Hardware Included To Endure the Elements and Make Your Structure Sound

Installation Gallery

Jiggly Greenhouse® DIY Greenhouse Kit Installation
Jiggly Greenhouse® DIY Greenhouse Kit Installation
Jiggly Greenhouse® DIY Greenhouse Kit Installation
Jiggly Greenhouse® DIY Greenhouse Kit Installation
Jiggly Greenhouse® DIY Greenhouse Kit Installation
Jiggly Greenhouse® DIY Greenhouse Kit Installation

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Length: 20ft -192ft
Hoop Spacing 4 ft
3 Ridge Poles
Width: 13ft
Height: 9ft
Hoop Assemblies
Ground Post Sleeves
Brackets for length selected
Screws, Bolts and Hardware
6 MIL 4 Year Film
     UVA Inhibitor
     Anti-Dust Barrier
     Anti-Drip Barrier X
Jiggly Wire and Channel for base and ends
     Mid Rail X 1 2
Complete Sidewall Ventalation Kit X 1 2
Lumber for Sidewall Base and Mid Rails X X
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Name Jiggly Greenhouse® 13' Wide x 9' High DIY Greenhouse Kit - The Foundation
Greenhouse Height 9 ft.
Greenhouse Width 13 ft.
Includes Hardware, Hoop Frame, Plastic Film, Sidewall Ventilation
Manufacturer Jiggly Greenhouse®
Price $1,364.48