How To Measure Your Greenhouse Grow Film

Plastic Grow Film

Building a greenhouse benefits both seasoned and new growers. It extends the growing period for crops, allows a grower to plant and cultivate many different crops simultaneously, and protects the crop from harsh elements, weather, and pests. But this can also lead to questions and concerns about knowing what and how much greenhouse materials are needed.

Purchasing, installing, and maintaining a greenhouse's plastic grow film can often feel overwhelming during the planning phase. Deciding how much film is necessary to cover the greenhouse, if the greenhouse requires one or two pieces of grow film, and how deep the greenhouse poles should be buried are some of the challenges faced in the early stages of planning. At Jiggly Greenhouse®, we have an easy-to-follow method for measuring and planning how much plastic grow film will be needed for a greenhouse.

What Size Plastic Grow Film Do I Need?

Deciding the size of the greenhouse plastic grow film needed is simple to determine. It is a matter of figuring out the length and width of your greenhouse. The greenhouse will be covered in one or two layers, and adding extra length for the installation.

The formula is very straightforward for a one-piece film installation. First, measure your greenhouse width. This can be done by throwing a rope over the greenhouse, taking the end to the ground on each side, and marking the rope at ground level. Then stretch the rope out to accurately measure the arch's radius. Or you can determine the width needed by measuring the width of the end wall and adding it to the end wall's height, adding 2' for installation. The length is determined by measuring the greenhouse from end to end and adding another 2' extra for installation.

  • To Determine Width Needed: Width + Height + 2 ft.

  • To Determine Length Needed: Length + Height + Height + 2 ft.

** If you plan to have two layers of grow film, the top layer only needs to be measured from hip board to hip board with an additional 2' for installation. **

Greenhouse films often come in standard sizes, so if the greenhouse measurements don't match, round up to the closest size available. It is very simple to trim the extra length of the film once the installation is complete. Remember that if measuring before the greenhouse is built, the ground poles should be driven 24" into the ground for standard soil. This will take 4' off the measurement for the arch's radius and 2' for each long side.

Getting the correct measurements for a hoop house/greenhouse may seem daunting initially. Fortunately, it takes only a few guidelines and formulas to determine how much to order. Call or email a member of our experienced sales team with any questions; our friendly sales team is happy to help!

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