Greenhouse Screws and Bolts

Whether you are constructing a DIY greenhouse installation or a complete commercialized growing operation, Jiggly Greenhouse® knows that no structure can be built without the essential screws and bolts that hold it all together. We carry Hex Steel Self-Tapping Tek Screws, Exterior Dacrotized Wood Screws, and Carriage Bolts and Nuts. Jiggly Greenhouse® Tek Screws are ideal for attaching pipe straps to your greenhouse frame, as well as attaching the upright posts to the greenhouse hoops. The long-lasting and weather-resistant Exterior Wood Screw is made perfectly compatible with Jiggly Greenhouse® Wood To Steel Adapters while our high-quality, steel galvanized Carriage Bolts are to be used with tension bands, end rail clamps, and cross connectors. In a variety of sizes and at the lowest price possible, Jiggly Greenhouse® has everything you need.