Light Deprivation Greenhouse Plastic Film (4-Year, 6 Mil) Jiggly Greenhouse® Zebra Black/White - Size Cut To Order

Jiggly Greenhouse® Zebra Light Deprivation Film provides the protection and climate-controlled environment your greenhouse needs. With its opaque black inner layer and white outer layer, it’s designed to absorb UV light and keep the interior temperature from overheating. It features a 4-Year, 6 Mil rating and will provide crop protection from harsh weather and with its blackout properties, work together, to create an ideal environment for the growth of crops and other flowering plants. Available in a wide variety of different sizes.

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Light Deprivation Greenhouse Plastic Film (4-Year, 6 Mil) Jiggly Greenhouse® Zebra Black/White - Size Cut To Order

Jiggly Greenhouse® Zebra Black/White Plastic Light Deprivation Film is designed for multi-layered greenhouse film coverings, which uses the black inside layer to absorb UV light and keep the heat inside. The white side of the film then reflects outside light and prevents greenhouses from overheating inside. Zebra film can even be reversed with the black layer facing outside and the white layer inside in order to boost interior temperatures during colder periods.

Other common applications Zebra film can be used for as silage for keeping crops protected from sun and heat damage, preventing weed growth, ground and mulch moisture control, internal climate control, and even silage for harvested crop protection.

Zebra Plastic Light Deprivation Film boasts a 4-year rated UV-Stabilized warranty, 6 Mil thick composition, has a total light transmission rate of 1%, and a light diffusion rate of 0%, making this film the industry-leading solution to a wide variety of different applications.

Key Features:

  • Color: Black/White
  • Thickness: 6 Mil (0.006")
  • 4-Year Warranty Rating
  • Light Diffusion: 0%
  • Total Light Transmission: 1%
  • Thermicity: 0%
  • Common Applications: Light Deprivation, Silage, Climate Control, Ground Cover for Weed Control, Soil and Mulch Moisture Control, Float Bed Lining, UV-Protection, and Much More.

Available Sizes:

  • Standard Widths: 24', 32', 40', 48', and 50'
  • Standard Lengths: 50', 60', 70', 80', 90', 100', 110', 120', 130', 140', 150', 160', 170', 180', 190', 200', 210', 220', 230', 240', 250', 260', 270', 280', 290', and 300'

Specification Sheet

Warranty Information

**We Strongly Recommend Using The Following Guidelines For Measuring Greenhouse Film:

  • To Determine Width Needed: Width + Height + 2 ft.
  • To Determine Length Needed: Length + Height + Height + 2 ft.

Custom sizes are available upon request. Contact us to learn more.

Greenhouse Fitting Plastic Film
Thickness 6 MIL
Warranty 4-Year
Color Black/White
Film Type Light Deprivation Poly Film
Total Light Transmission 1%
Light Diffusion 0%
Features Infrared Blocker, Light Deprivation, UVA Inhibitor
Manufacturer Jiggly Greenhouse®