Installation Videos

Jiggly Greenhouse® Bench Top Panel Features:

• Easy To Install, Lightweight And Durable
• No Sharp Edges, Safe For Growers And Visitors
• Maximizes Space For Greenhouses And Nurseries
• Can Be Used Underneath Benches For Extra Storage
• Unique Interlock System Does Not Require Clips Or Wire
• Bench Tops For Flats, Trays, Hanging Plants, Pots And More
• Used With Metal, Wood, Or Pipe Framing Using Stainless Steel Screws
• Polypropylene Plastic Boasts UV, Water, Corrosion And Rust Resistance
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Jiggly Greenhouse® Hand Crank Features:

• Max Roll Length: 295'
• Installs To 3/4" [1" OD] EMT Conduit
• Rolls Up Sidewalls That Use Poly Film Coverings
• Manual Ventilation System For Sidewall Installation
• Plastic Resin Enclosure Withstands Extreme Climates
• Cost-Effective, Ventilation Does Not Require Power Source
• Long-Lasting Weather And Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel Handle
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