Double Channel For Wiggle Wire

Would you like to cover your greenhouse in an additional layer? Do you need to add a layer of plastic film, netting, or sheet cloth to provide extra protection for your plants? Luckily, Jiggly Greenhouse’s unique Aluminum Locking Wiggle Wire And Track U-Channel can hold two Jiggly Wires for the purpose of layering greenhouse film, netting, and cloth. Our Wiggle Wire And Track U-Channels are designed as a double channel for greenhouse wiggle wire to secure your greenhouse covering to the greenhouse frame.

About Our U-Channels

Jiggly Greenhouse's Aluminum Locking Wiggle Wire U-Channels span 6.5 feet long and are rust-resistant. These U-Channels are designed with double channels to hold two Jiggly Wiggle Wires and the two sheets of material you use to cover your greenhouse. The U-Channels are attached to the greenhouse frame, whether metal or wood, using washer head self-tapping screws.

These U-Channels should be paired with Jiggly Wiggle Wires, designed for these channels for easy installation and to prevent tearing. Jiggly Wiggle Wire is PVC-coated steel wire with covered ends to prevent snagging when installing and add friction, preventing your film from slipping. These wiggle wires expand to 7 feet as needed to overlay across channel sections.

Our U-Channels and Jiggly Wire can be purchased together or individually as needed.

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