Should I Roll Up The Sides On My Greenhouse?

Greenhouse With Plastic Sides

When constructing your greenhouse, one of the most important things to remember to include is a ventilation system. Fresh air is an absolute must, no matter what you are growing inside the structure. Plants need fresh air to grow and thrive–it’s part of the photosynthesis process and will encourage pollination at a regular and healthy rate as though the plants were growing outside.

Good ventilation also will prevent pest infestations and, most importantly, help regulate the temperature throughout. This is why a greenhouse is set up in the first place; therefore, it is an essential element that must be remembered when creating your growing space. Usually, it is a great idea to roll up the sides of your greenhouse to help your plants prosper.

Why Are Fans Not An Economical Solution For Greenhouse Ventilation?

You could use a system of thermostatically controlled fans and intake shutters to provide ventilation. But fans made for this specific purpose can be pretty expensive, and the temperature distribution could be up to 10 degrees of difference between a plant bed positioned right beside the fan and a bed at the other end of the entire structure.

You would have to be very particular about where you set your greenhouse up, as well, because it would need easy access to a power source to keep those fans running. With an industrial fan or two hooked up to a power source on your property, your electricity bill could skyrocket, as could your environmental footprint. Unless your greenhouse requires automatic ventilation due to where you are or your availability, there is a much more cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to ensure your plants have access to fresh air.

The Superior Option For Greenhouse Ventilation: Manual Roll-Ups

Installing manual roll-up sides to your greenhouse, high tunnel, or hoop house is the perfect way to achieve a more uniform temperature distribution. All you need to complete your installation is a manual ventilation system, including a ventilation pipe, hand crank, and EMT pipe. If you’re not sure about the steps you’ll need to take to install a sidewall roll-up system, click below:

What Do I Need To Make My Greenhouse Sidewalls Roll Up?

Manual roll-up sidewall systems help:

  • Pollinate your plants better
  • Provide much-needed ventilation
  • Offer an economical way to control the temperature
  • Deter pests and animals from entering your hoop house

  • Ready to install a ventilation system for your greenhouse? Find all the needed fittings to make your sidewall roll up:

    Sidewall Roll Up Fittings