Jiggly Wire Information

What is Jiggly Wire?

Jiggly Wire by Jiggly Greenhouse®, also commonly known as wiggle wire, is the highest quality spring locking wire available in the greenhouse and agricultural industry. It's expertly designed to attach a wide variety of greenhouse coverings including plastic poly film, shade cloth, insect netting and more to your greenhouse, hoop house or outdoor enclosure. It is easy to install and can be reused as you make modifications to your greenhouse or hoop house. Because of its high-quality composition, Jiggly Wire has proven to be extremely effective, durable and reliable for years to come. The wire is comprised of heavy-duty Grade 72B Steel, while its outer layer is coated with White PVC, which boasts a lower heat absorption than its competitors, maximizing the lifetime of your covering. When used with our Jiggly Greenhouse® Aluminum Locking U-Channel, Jiggly Wire can hold up to two different layers of 6 Mil covering materials. When you choose Jiggly Wire, you can confidently expect a reliable, tight-fitting and stable attachment of your greenhouse covering materials.

Jiggly Greenhouse® Jiggly Wire

What Sets Jiggly Wire Apart From The Competition?

When using spring locking wire with aluminum channels for installing various types of materials to cover to your greenhouse frame, the following things should be considered:

  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Longevity Of Use
  • Ease & Safety Of Installation
  • Covering Attachment Reliability
  • Overall Covering Material Attachment Capabilities

Our incredible team of highly skilled professionals have a passion for providing our customers with the highest-quality products on the market. In comparison to other leading industry products, Jiggly Wire is by far the most cost-effective and installation friendly greenhouse frame covering system solution. At Jiggly Greenhouse®, we consider our customers every step of the way when determining our below market prices, our incredible warranty, their safety during installation and extensive re-usability to adapt to future plans.

Jiggly Wire by Jiggly Greenhouse® is a top of the line wire that will get the job done. Able to hold up to two different layers of 6 Mil covering materials, our Jiggly Wire is the strongest on the market. We are so confident in our Jiggly Wire that we provide a 5-year warranty guaranteeing it to last longer than competing wires that may not offer a warranty at all. Additionally, each Jiggly Wire is available to purchase individually unlike our competitors who only sell in bulk. For more information on how we stand up to our competitors, see our comparisons below.

Jiggly Wire Vs Competitors

Jiggly Greenhouse® Jiggly Wire Competitor "A" Competitor "B"


6.5 ft. 6.5 ft. 6 ft.


0.1122" 0.0830" 0.0915"


Full Length PVC Coating - 72B Grade Hardened Steel Spring Lock Wire Full Length PVC Coating - Galvanized Steel Spring Lock Wire PVC Coated Ends Only - Stainless Steel Spring Lock Wire


**White PVC Coating - Lower Heat Absorption, Maximizing Lifetime of Film Black PVC Coating - Increased Heat Absorption, Decreasing Elongation At Break Black PVC Coated Ends Only - Absorbs Heat Very Quickly, Minimal PVC Coating Causes Film To Rip and Tear


Extra Thick PVC Coating Guarantees Reliability and Long-Lasting Effectiveness, Even After Repeated Installation Uses Thin PVC Coating Degrades Faster and Ultimately Shortens Lifetime Usefulness Steel Wire Is Much More Likely To Cause Film Rips and Tears While Being Uninstalled and Reused


5-Year Manufacturer's Quality Guarantee 2-Year Basic Warranty No


As Low As $0.15 Per Linear Foot! $0.46 Per Linear Foot Product Not Sold Individually

**Note: Jiggly Wire is created using a unique blend of ingredients in its PVC Coating which increases the Elongation At Break rating by 30% - 50% when compared to the competitors' black plastic coated spring wire. Because of this, Jiggly Wire has an overall longer life expectancy as well as more extensive re-usability when used side by side against its competition.