Importance And Benefits Of Greenhouse Farming


Planning and building a greenhouse has many benefits for both a new grower and a seasoned farmer. A hoop house, whether built from a DIY Kit or custom designed, provides the same protective covering and controlled environment. Greenhouses are all constructed from the same basic elements: steel framing, ground posts, brackets, wire channels, spring lock wire, and plastic grow film. These components provide a sturdy and secure structure for each growing season and offer many benefits to greenhouse farming.

Protection From Harsh Weather

Using a greenhouse commercially or for at-home use protects crops from harsh weather. Growing the desired plant or crops under the shelter of the greenhouse allows the crop to grow unimpeded by blistering heat, strong winds, heavy rainfall, and freezing temperatures. The sturdy structure and reliable, all-weather protection Plastic Grow Film combined give crops the best chance at surviving all types of undesirable weather. Remember to always remove any snow that accumulates in the greenhouse. Removing the snow will lengthen the lifespan of the greenhouse.

Climate Control

Growing in a greenhouse, as opposed to an open field or garden, allows growers to cultivate crops in other climates. Whether your climate is too hot or cold, the greenhouse provides the opportunity to plan your growing season on the crop, not the environment and weather. Having the ability to grow non-native crops is a major benefit of having a successful greenhouse. Understanding the climate the greenhouse is in and the type of crops growing will determine the type of Grow Film the greenhouse should be fitted with. Clear Plastic Grow Film provides all-weather protection and is the most commonly used. Light Deprivation Grow Film creates a climate-controlled environment by absorbing UV light and preventing the internal temperature from overheating.

Temperature Control

Another benefit to growing in a hoop house is controlling the temperature inside the greenhouse. This allows crops to grow at an optimal temperature and environment. Regulating the temperature will enable a grower to extend the growing season, yielding an increased crop output; this is achieved by proper ventilation. Ventilation allows CO2 to enter the greenhouse so plants can continue to breathe and grow. Regulating the temperature can occur through Manual Ventilation or Powered Ventilation. The manual ventilation will be less expensive than any powered ventilation. Ventilation is key to allowing the crops and plants to breathe and will also prevent fungi and mold from building up. Without proper ventilation, there will be stale air which will stunt the growth of the plants.

Planning your crop's growing season in a greenhouse allows you to extend the season and grow with peace of mind that your crop is protected. Contact a member of our friendly, knowledgeable sales team with any greenhouse questions or to place an order.

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