How To Install A Greenhouse Sidewall Crank

Having a greenhouse sidewall ventilation crank will significantly improve the output for a greenhouse gardener. A proper ventilation system is essential whether the owner is a hobbyist or a commercial farmer. Before learning about the crank, it is important to understand its function in greenhouse ventilation.


Any greenhouse or hoop house will need ventilation. Ventilation is key to having a successful and healthy growing season. It provides fresh air to plants and contributes to temperature and humidity control. Having fresh air circulated throughout the greenhouse will increase the likelihood of pollination while preventing hot, stale air from causing fungus or pest infestations. Allowing this airflow will help with temperature regulation during the hot summer months by letting the warmer air out and letting in the cooler, fresh air.

Roll-up Sides

Roll-up sidewalls on a greenhouse or hoop house are a very popular way of creating a less expensive and cost-efficient ventilation system. Powered Fans can be used, but they will cost more and may not be necessary depending on the greenhouse size. Sidewall ventilation is completely mechanical and will not need electricity, which will help reduce upkeep costs. Many people also do not have their greenhouses installed with outlets inside or nearby, so logistically, a non-electric system makes sense.

Manual Ventilation Sidewall Hand Crank Winch by Jiggly Greenhouse

Greenhouse Ventilation Crank

The main purpose of the sidewall ventilation crank is to help roll up the sides of the greenhouse. It allows the plastic grow film to be rolled on a bar, sometimes called a conduit, up and above the ground a few feet. This will allow the fresh air to come in and let the hot air out. The 4:1 gear ratio provides easy cranking for sidewalls up to 295 feet long. The greenhouse crank comes with a self-locking, automatic brake , which is extremely beneficial for custom height options and preventing damage to the grow film. The crank arm is constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel, resistant to rust and foul weather. The crank box connects to a 3/4" EMT conduit with the included screws. The greenhouse crank is assembled in a plastic resin case to add weather protection.

How To Install A Greenhouse Manual Crank

Installing and using a greenhouse manual crank for sidewall ventilation is easier than many think. First, begin by attaching the crank handle to the crank body using the smaller nut and bolt set included in the box. Once the crank has been assembled, it's time to install the guide rail. This is the rail that the crank will travel vertically on next to the sidewall conduit. Measure out 1 foot from the end of the greenhouse and mark that location. Take a 4 - 8 foot piece of conduit and drive it down in the ground between 1 and 2 feet. The height of the guide rail will be dependent on the wire channel height. Now, using a 1/4" drill bit, drill a hole near the end of the sidewall EMT conduit closest to where the guide rail is installed. Once the hole has been drilled, attach the crank to the sidewall conduit using the longer nut and bolt set included in the box.

Download Installation Instructions

Now that the greenhouse ventilation crank is attached to the sidewall ventilation conduit slide the crank onto the guide post to line up where the conduit meets the post. From there, turn the crank arm and watch as it lowers or raises the sidewall grow film. That's all there is to it. View the attached Instructions for a printout of this entire installation process.

Having proper ventilation in a greenhouse or hoop house is vital for the health and longevity of the plants. Installing a greenhouse crank will significantly improve the effectiveness of a sidewall ventilation system. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly sales representatives.

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