How High to Roll Up Greenhouse Sides for Ventilation

Greenhouse Roll-Up Sides

Roll-up sides are an effective and low-cost way to ventilate your greenhouse, hoop house, or high tunnel. Roll-up sides on a greenhouse allow for structural ventilation without the use of electricity and allow you to determine how much you roll up the greenhouse film. Manually determining the height to which you roll up your greenhouse film allows you to manage the temperature within the greenhouse better and ensure the ventilation system closes fully. While you will want fresh air and sunlight to reach your plants, you will need to control the temperature in your greenhouse depending on the plants you are growing. So, how high should you roll up the sides of your greenhouse to allow for proper ventilation? Let’s find out!

How High Should I Roll-Up My Greenhouse Film For Ventilation?

Generally, greenhouse film roll-up or crank systems will be installed at the hip rail on either side of the greenhouse for cross-ventilation. The hip rail is around 3 to 5 feet from the ground surface. To open the vent, you will crank the handle on the roll-up system, rotating a tube that will roll up the greenhouse film. The roll-up system allows for better, more even temperatures throughout the greenhouse.

A greenhouse's average vertical opening of roll-up sides is 4 feet. Depending on the types of plants you have and their requirements, the outside temperature and weather conditions, and where your greenhouse is located relative to other structures will help you determine how high to roll up the sides. For example, if the greenhouse is in an open area, a 2-foot vertical opening will allow for proper ventilation as the wind can move more freely. Whereas if the greenhouse is located next to or between structures, a 6-foot vertical opening may be required if possible. However, you will need to consider more than the wind. If it rains for days or weeks, you may still need to ventilate your greenhouse. Rolling up the sides of your greenhouse even 6 inches will allow it to ventilate.

Where to Buy a Greenhouse Roll-Up Sidewall System

If you wonder if rolling up 4 feet, 2 feet, or even a few inches of your greenhouse film will allow for proper ventilation, it depends on the location, your plants, and the weather. It would be best to install a greenhouse roll-up side system to the height of the hip rails on the greenhouse frame. When the roll-up side system is placed at the same level as the hip rail, you can roll up the sides as high or low as you would like. Check out everything you need to install a greenhouse roll-up side system courtesy of Jiggle Greenhouse.

Learn how to install and use your Jiggle Greenhouse roll-up sides system here. If you have any further questions about how to optimize your greenhouse, please visit our Resources Hub for informational and instructional content or reach out to our sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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