Greenhouse Light Diffusion In Greenhouse Plastic

Inside of Greenhouse

Greenhouse light diffusion offers many benefits for plants and crops. It can improve crop yield, lower crop temperature, higher leaf count, and shorter crop time. Light diffusion works by scattering the sun's light rays in all different directions. This happens naturally through clouds, water, and other objects in the atmosphere. Having diffused light in a greenhouse provides a balanced light that will get to more areas of each plant. Direct light can cause hot spots and shady spots. If you want to know how well the diffused light your greenhouse is getting, observe the greenhouse on a bright sunny day. If you see sharp shadows, that indicates direct light. If there are no shadows, that indicates diffused light.

Clear Plastic Grow Film

Jiggly Greenhouse® clear plastic grow film offers 23% light diffusion. Having multiple layers of grow film will increase the light diffusion. If installing benches in the hoop house, consider painting them white to help reflect more light on different parts of the plants. The white color will reflect the sun's rays instead of darker colors like black, which mainly absorb the rays. Light diffusion also distributes the heat more evenly. Harsh sunrays will create hot spots in some areas while leaving the shaded areas cooler. If planning on growing on benches or hanging rods, utilizing diffused light is especially important.

A lot of people new to greenhouse or hoop house growing think that they need the maximum amount of direct sunlight, but having the most evenly distributed, balanced light is best. Getting light to the smaller, lower leaves will greatly impact the health and production of the plant or crop. Once this is known, building and maintaining a greenhouse is much easier and more rewarding.

Direct sunlight in greenhouse

Direct Light Casting Harsh Shadows

Diffused light in greenhouse

Diffused Light Evenly Distributed

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