Can I Staple Greenhouse Plastic to the Wood Frame?

Greenhouse Plastic Installation

There are several options for attaching greenhouse plastic to its frame. Staples, screws and washers, tape, and even glue can be used, but we highly recommend against it. Even if you choose a thicker, possibly stronger greenhouse film, staples, nails, and screws puncture the film and allow easy tearing. Shortcuts and cheap greenhouse materials will result in annual replacement and constant repairs.

Greenhouse film, plastic or otherwise, is too valuable to be purchased annually. Both the expense and installation time should discourage you from using staples, screws, tape, or glue to secure your greenhouse film to the frame. The best attachment method is locking U-channels and wiggle wire, or as we call it, Jiggly Wire.

Best Way to Attach Greenhouse Plastic

Whether you are building a greenhouse, hoop house, or tunnel, a consensus in the gardening industry is that locking U-channels is the best way to attach your greenhouse plastic to the frame. No matter the type of greenhouse film you are using or the material of the greenhouse framework, installing and using locking u-channels is a time and money saver.

Locking U-Channels

Locking U-channels are simple to install on any greenhouse frame and can hold a film of up to 20 millimeters thick. Jiggly Greenhouse's locking U-channels have two channels, allowing you to insert two Jiggly Wires. To install, measure the greenhouse frame and cut the channel as needed. Then mark where you will need to place the screws and use self-tapping screws or pre-drilling holes into the channel. Place the U-channel along the frame, place the screws, and secure to the frame. With the frame in place, you can lay the greenhouse plastic over the frame and use the Jiggly Wire to secure the plastic.

Jiggly Wire

Wiggly wire is specially designed for greenhouse plastic security. Our Jiggly Wire is PVC-coated steel with additional coating on the ends to prevent your greenhouse plastic or film from tearing. The S-shape allows easy and quick installation into the channel while holding the film taught. The best way to install Jiggly Wire is to over-measure your greenhouse film, sandwich the wire between the film, place the bottom on the wire in the channel, and then push the top in.

Everything You Need to Attach Greenhouse Plastic

Jiggly Greenhouse offers locking U-channels and our unique Jiggly Wire, designed to make installation easy and your greenhouse functional, as well as a selection of greenhouse plastics and self-tapping screws. Find everything you need to finish your beautiful and functional greenhouse at Jiggly Greenhouse.

If you would like more information about greenhouse building materials and installation, please visit our Resources Hub. If you have further questions about any of Jiggly Greenhouse's products, please reach out to our sales representatives. They are happy to help in any way they can!

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