What Is A Mesh Tree Guard?

Tree Guard Protecting Tree Winter

Walking in a city environment, you may have noticed trees in these areas having a black wrapping around them with holes. This is called a tree guard, tree trunk wrap, or tree trunk protector and is created to protect your tree from outdoor animals or elements that could cause significant damage to your tree. If you are looking for more ways to protect your outdoor landscaping, a tree guard for deer is an affordable way to keep your trees safe.

What Animals Does A Tree Guard Protect Against?

A tree guard is created to stop animals such as deer, squirrels, or raccoons from rubbing against a tree and causing marks. While it may not seem like a big deal, marks expose trees to disease and insects. In the future, this could cause you to spend more on your tree in the form of insect deterrents or dormant oil. Make sure to use a tree mesh guard for deer even in winter. Sometimes, desperate animals like rabbits and mice bite on trees during this time due to food scarcity.

Why Should You Use A Mesh Tree Guard?

The great part about mesh is that it is lightweight and offers excellent air circulation. Water and light will still reach your tree while offering that important protection layer. However, since too much sunlight can also cause trees not to flourish, guards can protect your tree from too many UV rays, depending on the plant type. Some people prefer using tree guards as the tree grows to promote superior growth. After the sapling splits, tree guards can be removed. However, if this is the case, you may prefer to use one type of tree trunk wrap as a young tree grows and switch to a larger size later.

Do Tree Guards Protect Against Human Interference?

Trees are vulnerable to human error, whether it is children attempting to climb the tree, individuals throwing a disc at the shrubbery or landscaping machines. Mesh tree trunk protectors offer a barrier between these elements and the tree. Of course, as always, when using landscaping equipment, take strict precautions not to use this equipment too close to your tree. Young trees are especially vulnerable to damage.

How To Properly Install A Tree Guard For Deer

When installing a tree guard:

  • Make sure it is not too tight around your tree
  • Take off the tree guard at least twice every year to check on your tree
  • If weeds build up inside your tree guard, remove the weeds and reposition the tree guard
  • Never rely solely on your tree guard to keep your tree safe; continuously monitor your tree every season

Selection Of Tree Trunk Protectors:

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