Making The Most Out Of Your Greenhouse Grant

Once you have put in all the hard work of applying for the NRCS’s High Tunnel Grant and received the funding for the project, it is time to start building your high tunnel. At Jiggly Greenhouse, we have everything you will need to build your perfect high tunnel. Whether you decide to select from our all-inclusive kits or build a unique structure, we can provide you with all the necessary parts to install and maintain your high tunnel at an affordable price.

DIY Greenhouse Kits

Our DIY greenhouse kits are an easy way to receive everything you need to build a high-quality high tunnel. We currently offer a handful of kits that range from providing the bare essentials for beginners to professional-grade kits for experienced growers.


  • All-inclusive kit
  • Economical price
  • Basic to professional styles kits offered
  • High-quality design
  • Made from sturdy and reliable materials

Greenhouse Plastic

If you are looking to build your own unique high tunnel, you will need high-quality plastic to cover it. Our greenhouse plastic is some of the best on the market at a reasonable price for all types of customers. We offer a wide range of sizes to fit the needs of all applications, both big and small. For a sturdy installation, we also offer easy-to-install greenhouse channel and wire.


  • Clear and light deprivation styles
  • Large selection of sizes
  • Top-rated material
  • Offers all-weather protection
  • High-quality channel and wire for installation

Greenhouse Frames

A structure is only as good as its base. Ensure you build a sturdy hoop house by using quality materials. Within our greenhouse frame select, you will find all the parts you will need to construct the best high tunnel, like cross connectors, tubing, and end rail clamps.


  • Durable and high-quality parts
  • Wide variety of sizes
  • Affordable prices
  • Easy to install

Hardware & Fittings

Our hardware and fittings selection provides all the necessary parts and materials needed to complete your high tunnel. Some of these products include items like ventilation systems, climate control systems, and benchtops.


  • Wide range of parts and accessories
  • Finishing touches to your high tunnel
  • Sturdy and reliable materials
  • Easy to use and install
  • Reasonable prices

For more information on our inventory and what items will work best for your application, please contact one of our dedicated sales representatives.

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