How To Secure Rolled-Up Sidewalls On Greenhouses

greenhouse with sidewalls rolled up

If you have decided to start growing in a greenhouse, you might be considering what are the best practices to ensure your nursery is able to flourish in this new environment. It is important to make sure your plants are receiving adequate water and sunlight, but did you know that your plants also need proper ventilation? Plants that are kept in a stuffy and confined area are not able to bloom and harvest as successfully as plants that receive fresh air. Though you have now moved your plants to a defined and enclosed space, there are ways you can give them the proper ventilation that they require.

Why Should You Roll Up Your Greenhouse Sidewalls

While there are many benefits to growing your favorite flowers, vegetables, and herbs within a greenhouse, like extending your growing season and controlling how much sunlight and water they receive, there are some downsides. The main issue is that while confined within the space of your greenhouse, your plants do not receive the same open-air ventilation that they would receive if they were planted outside. Thankfully, there is an easy and effective way to improve the ventilation within your greenhouse. To give your greenhouse plants the best ventilation, you will need to roll up the sides of your greenhouse plastic.

How To Roll Up Greenhouse Sidewalls

There are different ways to roll up the plastic on the sides of your greenhouse. Some people choose to manually roll the sides up by hand, but this can be extremely time-consuming and is difficult to do all by yourself. A far more effective and efficient way to use a sidewall ventilation crank. This easy-to-install and simple-to-use product allows anyone to effortlessly roll up as well as roll back down the walls of your greenhouse. This crank is capable of rolling sidewalls as long as 295 feet and is constructed on heavy-duty materials that make it built to last.

Video On How To Install A Greenhouse Ventilation Crank

How To Secure Greenhouse Sidewalls When Rolled

Once you have successfully installed your greenhouse sidewall ventilation crank, you might be wondering how you will keep your plastic from rolling back down. Fortunately, our high-quality crank has that covered for you. After you have fully rolled up the sidewalls of your greenhouse, your crank will keep everything in place until you are ready to roll it back down.

For those who have decided to roll up the sides of your greenhouse the old-fashioned way, we offer durable clamps that fit snuggly onto 1 3/8" tubing or 1" EMT pipe. These clamps will keep your plastic from sagging or completely coming loose while rolled up. For those who are using the ventilation crank but want a little extra piece of mind that their plastic will not go anywhere, these clamps can be used to hold your sidewalls in place while rolled up as well.

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