Can Plants Survive Inside An Unheated Greenhouses

Greenhouse Unheated Being Built

Greenhouses are remarkable conductors of heat thanks to the outer glass or plastic that keeps everything trapped inside. Even though this system works throughout the summer, where it truly shines is when the weather starts getting colder. But, even though greenhouses extend the growing season, do they keep plants surviving? Well, it depends on a few factors. The type of plant, how many layers of plastic or glass, and the base material of your greenhouse.

Greenhouse Average Temperatures

Most of the time, a greenhouse will be 10 to 8 degrees hotter than outside weather. If the climate during the winter season is around 30 degrees Fahrenheit, this means your greenhouse will only be slightly warmer. That is why it’s essential to consider what you will plant to have vegetables all year long.

Types Of Vegetables

Planting things around the clock is a no-brainer if you have an all-year sun. However, for those living in more challenging winter climates, snow and freezing can pose additional problems. Therefore, read up on what vegetables are made for colder climates, such as spinach, garlic, chicory, etc.… If you’re thinking of avocados or tomatoes, these crops will not do well in the cold climate and are unsuitable for your purpose.

Layers Of Plastic In Your Greenhouse

If you own a greenhouse or hoop house, the plastic around your greenhouse will influence what you can grow. If you decide to double insulate your greenhouse, you will improve how the greenhouse absorbs the sun and can provide more heat in your greenhouse without any heaters. Usually, the area between two layers is inflated to stop snow from collapsing your greenhouse. This gives you a more secure structure for your greenhouse and keeps your plants safe.

Base Material Of Your Greenhouse

When installing a greenhouse that will brave the winter elements, your base must be made from something sturdy. Usually, concrete is the best choice and, if made correctly, will protect your greenhouse from cold for many years. However, gravel is another less costly option that keeps your vegetables safe. The most important part when picking a greenhouse base for the winter is picking one that offers more insulation.

Keep Growing Vegetables During The Winter

If you’re thinking of planting in the winter, it is possible with a hoop house. If you grow the correct vegetables, layer your greenhouse, and offer superior insulation, you will not need any heater to create your garden.

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