5 Benefits Of Light Deprivation In Greenhouse Growing

Roll Up Sidewall Of Hoop House

If you own a greenhouse, there are three different methods of growing your vegetables, herbs, or flowers. These include planting vegetables in raised beds, putting plants in pots or containers, or using hanging baskets. But have you heard of light deprivation? This method allows the grower to control how much light is released in a greenhouse, allowing you to see increased benefits when growing crops. If you want to learn even more benefits from light deprivation, you can find all the great benefits below.

1. Allows Plants To Have Natural Sunlight

Growing plants in a greenhouse lets you optimize how much light is let in. With a hoop house made from deprivation plastic film, your plants will still have access to natural sunlight while blocking out harmful UV rays. By using the light deprivation technique, you can use the sun to power the healthy growth of your plants.

2. Control The Light And Allows For Many Plant Types

As you may know, when attempting to plant so many varieties of vegetables, it isn't easy to ensure that each type of plant receives adequate or minimal sunlight, even if you have multiple hoop houses. With deprivation plastic film, you can control how much light is sent to certain plants. If a mature plant is searching for more sunlight, you can provide the right amount to keep all your high-quality plants healthy. On the other hand, if your flowering plants require less sun, you can provide less sunlight to these plants by adding or changing the light deprivation plastic.

3. Lets You Grow Year-Round

As you may know, in some parts of the world, less light is cast down on plants when winter rolls around. In these conditions, using light deprivation techniques could help you grow year-round without waiting until spring. When using artificial light, ensure the bulb wattage and coloring are appropriate for your select plants. Red and blue lights are the most important to stimulate growth, but your lights should have a full spectrum for optimal plant health. That way, you'll be able to grow at any time indoors or outdoors.

4. More Harvests And Control Of The Seasons

Since you take control of the seasons with plant deprivation techniques, you will set how many plants will flourish and when they grow, offering you a chance at more harvests. This could increase profit if you choose to sell your vegetables or flowers.

5. Offers A "Natural Solution" To Growing Crops

If you choose not to use artificial lights for an eco-friendly solution, you can still use light deprivation techniques by rolling up sidewalls or ceiling vents to control light. These are natural and eco-friendly solutions to help you get the most out of your planting season. A greenhouse crank reeler is another useful addition to roll up the sidewalls manually and is durable enough to last many years.

Controlling The Sunlight With Greenhouse Tools

While no person can control the weather, you can use methods to allow sunlight with greenhouse fittings such as light-deprivation plastic, sidewall ventilation pipes, and greenhouse cranks. If you want heavy-duty parts for your greenhouse, we offer anything you need to get started.