Turbo XE Commercial Aquafog Direct Feed Misting And Fogging Fan For Greenhouse Ventilation (3-Phase Power 60Hz) Jiggly Greenhouse®

The Jiggly Greenhouse® Turbo XE-2000-3PH Aquafog Direct Feed Fog Fan with Three-Phase Power is a superior atomizer engineered for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Turbo XE-2000 Fans come with a flowmeter panel of your choice based on the specific needs of your application.
Part Number: JG-XE-2000-3PH

$1,386.75 each

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$1,386.75 each


Turbo XE Commercial Aquafog Direct Feed Misting And Fogging Fan For Greenhouse Ventilation (3-Phase Power 60Hz) Jiggly Greenhouse®

The Jiggly Greenhouse® Turbo XE Aquafog Direct Feed Misting and Fogging Fan is designed for both commercial and industrial needs and has an average distance coverage of up to 35 ft. The Turbo XE Fan produces an efficient fog ideal for humidification, evaporative cooling, and chemical fogging. The centrifugal atomizer creates billions of fog-like particles that quickly evaporate in the space required and can be adjusted using the included flowmeter panel. The flowmeter panel has a stainless steel composition and a clear, easy-to-read flow rate scale for monitoring. This fogging fan does not require nozzles, high-pressure pumps, compressed air, or filtration. By simplifying the design, this fan requires little to no repair or maintenance and is suitable for outdoor use due to its high-quality, UV-stabilized materials. This fogging unit comes standard with 20’ of water line, a 12’ power cord, a flowmeter panel, a liquid-tight connector, and 16’ of drainage line.


• Atomizes Up To 34 GPH
• Pivoting Fogging Head
• Nozzle-Free, Hassle-Free Atomization
• Install As A Direct Feed To The Water Supply
• Can Be Used Stationary Or With An Oscillator
• Powerful And Efficient Misting And Fogging Fan
• Rear-Feed Blade Powered By An ABB Washdown-Duty Motor
• Can Hang By Using 2 U-Bolts Or A Universal Hanging Bracket
• Exclusive Industrial Grade Rear-Feed Blade Designed For Use Around Water
• Unique Design Can Use ANY Kind Of Water Supply From Well To Pond Without Clogging
• Includes A Flowmeter Panel That Can Be Selected Based On The Application (see table below)

Potential Uses:

• Indoor/Outdoor
• Commercial/Industrial
• Odor Control In Large Areas
• Dust Or Static Control In Large Areas
• Agriculture, Horticulture, Greenhouses
• Warehouses, Concrete Curing, Construction


• Water Line: 20'
• Power Cord: 12'
• Drainage Line: 16'
• Noise (At 10'): 72 dB(A)
• Propulsion Distance: 30'-35'
• Power Supply: 208-230 60Hz 3Ph
• Avg. Distance Coverage Capability: 50'-85'
• Dimensions: 25" (H) X 21" (W) X 17.5" (D)

Application: Flowmeter Options:
Agriculture/Horticulture, Evaporative Cooling, Concrete Curing, Mushrooms 4-34 GPH, 2-24 GPH
Manufacturing Plant, Wood/Lumber/Paper, Wine/Barrel Storage 1-15 GPH, 1-11 GPH
Textile Plant, Manufacturing Plant, Dust/Static Control .3-5 GPH (20-300 CC/Min.)
Odor Control .1-2 GPH (10-110 CC/Min.)

Learn more about the different types of ventilation systems and options Jiggly Greenhouse® offers, including which type of system is the best fit for your application.

XE-2000 Manual

SKU JG-XE-2000-3PH
Power Supply 220V, 230V
Gallons Per Hour 34 GPH
Greenhouse Cooling Coverage Area 1,100' To 2,500' Sq.
Greenhouse Humidification Coverage Area 1,500' Sq. To 3,500' Sq.
Greenhouse Propagation Coverage Area 1,200' To 2,800' Sq.
Manufacturer Jiggly Greenhouse, AquaFog - Jaybird Manufacturing, Inc.
Mounting Type Stand, Hang, Oscillate
Function Fogging, Misting, Ventilation
Size 21" x 17.5" x 25"