Clear Plastic Greenhouse Grow Film (4-Year, 6 Mil) Jiggly Greenhouse® Apex - 28 ft. Wide x 50 ft. Long

The Jiggly Greenhouse® Apex Clear Plastic Greenhouse Grow Film will provide the necessary all-weather protection that any greenhouse or hoop house needs. It is one of the most commonly used greenhouse coverings because of its affordability, and DIY-friendly installation. This 4-Year, 6 Mil rated greenhouse film will provide protection from the elements with its incredible features including UVA Inhibitors and Anti-Drip Barriers made to enhance the growth of any crop.

Size: 28 ft. Wide x 50 ft. Long

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Part Number: POLY-6M-28X50-APEX


Clear Plastic Greenhouse Grow Film (4-Year, 6 Mil) Jiggly Greenhouse® Apex - 28 ft. Wide x 50 ft. Long

If you are in the market for building your greenhouse or simply replacing the existing film on yours, Jiggly Greenhouse® has you covered! The Apex Poly Grow Film is our most popular because it's specifically developed to meet the needs of North American growers. It can be used for various applications and will consistently yield high-quality crops and other produce, year after year. Apex Poly Grow Film comes rated with a 4-Year UV-Stabilized warranty, is 6 Mil thick, and ensures maximum PAR with a total light transmission rate of 90% and a 23% light diffusion rate. By combining these two factors and the added Anti-Drip formulation, the Apex Greenhouse Poly Grow Film will vastly enhance the growth and development of any crop.

Key Features:

  • Size: 28 ft. Wide x 50 ft. Long
  • Color: Clear
  • Thickness: 6 Mil (0.006")
  • 4-Year Warranty Rating
  • Light Diffusion: 23%
  • Total Light Transmission: 90%
  • Specially Formulated Anti-Drip Additive
  • Specification Sheet

    Warranty Information

    Greenhouse Fitting Plastic Film
    SKU POLY-6M-28X50-APEX
    Length 50 ft.
    Width 28 ft.
    Thickness 6 MIL
    Warranty 4-Year
    Color Clear
    Film Type Apex Poly Grow Film
    Total Light Transmission 90%
    Light Diffusion 23%
    Features Anti-Drip Barrier
    Manufacturer Jiggly Greenhouse®