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Jiggly Greenhouse® is confident that our heavy-duty pipe straps are the best choice for attaching components in your greenhouse or hoop house. To illustrate what sets them apart from the competition, we've compiled information on our amazing 1 3/8" pipe straps alongside data about two similar products sold by competitors. See for yourself what makes Jiggly Greenhouse® a superior choice for your next greenhouse or hoop house project.

Jiggly Greenhouse® Jiggly Wire is a PVC coated, reusable steel wire designed with ReadyTite™ Technology for simple and seamless installation and attachment of poly film, shade cloth, netting or various other materials to greenhouses or other outdoor enclosures. Ensuring exceptional hold, the Jiggly Wire System simplifies the installation of your greenhouse film and allows for easy removal and reuse when needed. The initial 6.5 ft. length will stretch to 7 ft. upon installation, allowing you to cover more of your greenhouse frame. Our Spring Lock Wire performs well above the competition, find out more about how we stand up to the competition and what sets our Jiggly Wire apart from others on the market.

Jiggly Greenhouse® offers a wide range of ventilation options, from simple and economical to large-scale, industrial solutions that fit the needs and meet the demands of everyone from residential greenhouse owners to commercial growers. The benefits of installing a proper ventilation system to your greenhouse or hoop house are endless and allow you to be in control of the unpredictable elements. Jiggly Greenhouse® offers a wide range of ventilation options, from simple and economical to large-scale, industrial solutions that fit the needs and meet the demands of everyone from residential greenhouse owners to commercial growers. Find the right ventilation system for your greenhouse by checking our product comparisons here.

Snap-On Clamps are used across a wide variety of outdoor structures that have PVC or EMT metal conduit framing. The Jiggly Greenhouse® Snap On Clamps are a diverse, cost-effective solution to stabilize greenhouse coverings to the greenhouse frame without damaging expensive plastic poly films and other coverings Compatible with PVC and EMT metal conduit, the Snap-On Clamps are used for temporary or permanent installations securing greenhouse coverings, sport netting, shade tarps, tents, and more even in high wind areas. Find out how to install the Jiggly Greenhouse® Snap-On Clamps, expert tips from our skilled professionals, and more.

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Are you interested in building your own greenhouse? Jiggly Greenhouse® DIY Greenhouse Kits are cost-effective, easy to install, and designed specifically to withstand multiple seasons and provide the ultimate protection for plants. We use top-of-the-line materials ranging from our rust-resistant galvanized steel hardware to our standard film covers that come with a four-year guarantee, Jiggly Greenhouse® is determined to provide you with the best products on the market at the lowest price. We provide kits made for customers beginning their growing operation. Learn the 5 major benefits of having a greenhouse for your home!

Jiggly Greenhouse® provides an easy way to stop condensation from ruining your crops. When condensation forms on your greenhouse film, there will be drippage onto your plants which will cause pathogens to spread. It also will impact the intensity of sunlight or even reflect the light. Jiggly Greenhouse® Apex anti-condensation film will prevent this from happening to your plants, keeping them safe and healthy. The anti-drip plastic film makes the water form a thin sheet over the entire surface instead of forming a round droplet. Jiggly Greenhouse Apex® Clear Plastic Greenhouse Grow Film will yield a great and healthy crop.

Building your own greenhouse can get tricky if you don't have all the right hardware. Wondering what pieces you need other than the plastic film? Here is a list of our top picks from Jiggly Greenhouse® hardware products you'll need regardless of whether you're buying a backyard DIY Greenhouse Kit or just stocking up for future renovations.

Building a greenhouse has many benefits. It extends the growing season for your crop, protects it from pests both big and small, and gives you the ability to grow many different types of crops at one time. But when it comes time to plan and build the greenhouse, it can be a daunting task. But knowing and understanding the parts and hardware needed and their function can reduce the stress.